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Apple Eau de Vie

Apple Eau de Vie

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Jardii Apple Eau de Vie starts with a range of apples selected for their quality and tart flavoring, with the goal of offering a smooth and sultry sweetness paired with a definitive apple flavor left on the tongue.


Each taste of Jardii Apple Eau de Vie is designed to give you the experience of biting into a freshly harvested apple.


At Jardii, we distill happiness into each sip of our elegant Apple Eau de Vie. We’ve taken a traditional approach, focusing on the quality of the apples and using only natural methods to produce our spirits.


Marked by its crisp, dry, light body and tingling spirited finish, this fun and mixable Eau de Vie makes for a consummate companion. The fruit blissfully mingles, bringing to life the flavor of fresh apples and aromas of exquisite delight. 


By honing our original plant-based, all-natural ingredients and using a specialty manufacturing process, we ensure that our customers can access the best in a quality, premium Eau de Vie.

Jardii is not produced using any chemical ingredients. It is as pure as an Eau de Vie can be.

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