Jardii Eau de Vie



Jardii was created with the goal in mind of showcasing some of the finest quality fruits in the world.

In order to preserve the essence and soul of the fruit, we do not use any additives or preservatives, in keeping with the Jardii mission of distilling only the finest quality Eau de Vie.

Using our know how and the latest advances in technology, we produce a savory, smooth and distinguished all natural Premium Eau de Vie.

  • Who are we

    Jardii is a team of Eau-de-Vie experts and spirits producers.
    We are located along the beautiful Blue Danube River in the enchanting European Countryside.
    When we created this brand it was with the goal in mind of celebrating the heritage of the region in its culture of spirits and showcasing the finest fruits from this area to the world.

  • Eau de Vie

    We capture the essence of European Eau de Vie recipes and the natural ingredients that make this region so special.

    Jardii produces a product that is rich and pure, with zero additives and zero preservatives.

    These are distilled spirits produced as our great-grandfathers made them, with the help of modern-day technology.

  • Production

    Jardii uses the best in current technology and quality measures to offer a delicious, natural Eau de Vie produced under stringent distillation standards.

    Our distillery harvests the power of ingredients and specialty manufacturing/aging processes to deliver the purest Eau de Vie you’ve ever tasted.