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International spirits

Quince Eau de Vie

Quince Eau de Vie

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Our flagship product and a true symbol of love, Jardii’s premium quality Quince Eau de Vie has an all-natural fruit content.


A staple in the Jardii line of products, Quince Eau de Vie is a unique and region-specific offering.


Cultivated by the ancient Greek civilization and thought to have been the Golden Apple bestowed upon Aphrodite to celebrate her illustrious beauty, quince has long been classically emblematic of love and fertility. Grown in abundance within agriculturally rich regions of Europe, quince sets itself apart from other Eaux de Vie.


As quince is inherently very low in naturally produced sugar content, being picked at a specific ripeness at its maturity is integral to the process. Distinguished by its unique and intense fragrance, processed and cooked quince is highly versatile, unlocking hidden treasures within.This ultimately produces a very smooth, distinctly flavorful, and aromatic drink. 


Traditionally symbolic of love, luck, and fertility, Jardii Quince Eau de Vie is pleasurably passionate to the senses.

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